The name kind of explains it all.
I travel the North Puget Sound (WA) area in search of
dull kitchen knives.  The bulk of my day is spent
sharpening knives for local restaurants.
I use an old fashion water cooled grinding wheel with
special jigs that assure accurate bevels and super-sharp
blades.  The wheel turns at a slow 90rpm which means
no heat build up and minimal metal removal.  

Market demand has led me to stocking the best kitchen
blades I could find for a good price.  I now have a full
selection of high quality knives manufactured
Germany by the F. Dick company.  F. Dick has been
around since 1778.  They know what they are doing and
I have had resoundingly positive comments since I
introduced them to my clients.

Contact me if you are feeling Dull!
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